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(Right Brain Ventures, June 2011) is a jargon-free guide to harnessing the power of the legal system and taking control of the attorney-client relationship. 
By including a Legalese-to-English glossary, a series of lawyer-wrangling templates, and lists of outside resources, How To Talk to Your Lawyer is the ultimate handbook for anyone facing legal issues.  Readers will learn "The Top Ten Things Bad Clients Do" as well as effective attorney-client telephone etiquette, to become an ideal client.  And armed with How To Talk To Your Lawyer's Savvy Client Tips, behind-the-desk billing secrets, and negotiation strategies, clients will lower legal bills and develop a more satisfying relationship with their lawyers.


Authors Elura Nanos, Esq. and Michele Sileo, Esq. -- the experts in breaking down legal concepts into tasty, bite-sized pieces -- give readers inside information about how law firms work, how lawyers think, and how to lower those legal bills.

About the Authors:

New York City Prosecutors-turned-entrepreneurs, Elura Nanos, Esq. and Michele Sileo, Esq., are the owners of Lawyer Up. The two straight-talking lawyers specialize in breaking down tough legal concepts into tasty, bite-sized pieces, without all the jargon.  Now in its ninth year working with law students, Lawyer Up brings its unique brand of edutainment to business owners and professionals.  

Started on a $30 investment, and thriving even in today's economy, Lawyer Up is breaking the rules and beating the odds.  In 2010, Lawyer Up was named a national finalist in the Make Mine A Million $ Business Competition, and a monthly finalist in the "Best of" Discovering Startups competition.  Since then, Nanos and Sileo have taken the entrepreneurial community by storm.  Co-Founders of the blog My Underwire, Nanos and Sileo are active participants in supporting the growing community of women entrepreneurs.  


Advance praise for How to Talk to Your Lawyer

"A must-read for anybody who needs a lawyer.  How to Talk to Your Lawyer is a concise, light-hearted, and easy to understand guide to help navigate the daunting task of understanding the law and interacting with lawyers.  As a medical professional, I recognize the importance of a resource that cuts through complex terminology, effectuates confidence, and provides real tools to make the attorney-client relationship work."
Christian T. Ruff, MD, MPH
Cardiologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital &
Harvard Medical School


"Everyone should have a copy of this book just in case they ever need a lawyer. Insightful and direct with just the right amount of personality and humor. Elura Nanos Kish and Michele Sileo are the kind of lawyers every other lawyer should aspire to be like.  Before you lawyer up, make sure you read this book!"

Renee Towell
Television Producer and Consultant


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